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We’re Hiring – Summer Student 2020

By Lou Poskitt - August 12, 2019 under Business Advisory, First Nations, Mergers, Acquisitions + Financing, MT+Co.

A Bit About Us

Miller Titerle + Company is a group of forward-thinking professionals committed to a more passionate and personal way of practicing law.  Our high-growth business is recognized for rethinking the delivery of legal services and for expertise in our chosen fields.  We strive to achieve balance between hard work and maintaining our kick-ass culture.  We welcome those who don’t fit the traditional law firm mold because we believe diverse personalities help keep our lives exciting and entertaining.  We seek passionate people who believe in their work and are proud of what they do for a career.  We actively pursue clients who share our values so that we can be proud of what our clients are trying to accomplish. Life is too short to spend time working with people that we don’t believe in or enjoy.

What Students can Expect

We value our relationship with our students and want the opportunity to get to know them well.  We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that our students develop as members of the firm and the legal community.  We use this opportunity to offer hands-on experience and for our students to work closely with our clients, and we make every effort to accommodate our students so that they are able to gain experience in the areas of law that interest them.

Unlike some more traditional firms, we do not have a set summer student program with formal rotations.  All members of the firm work together to ensure that our students are provided with as broad a range of experience as is possible within the practice areas at our firm.  We also strive to provide our students with exposure to complex matters and client interaction.  This experience is not about “doing the grunt work” – it is about laying a foundation on which students can build a successful career.  Part of this foundation comes from exposure to sophisticated legal problems and learning how to develop a rapport with clients.

Types of Work

We are a full service business law firm servicing clients in three key niche areas:

Business Law

Our Business Law group works with clients of all sizes in various industries to provide guidance on all aspects of their businesses. From mergers and acquisitions, financing, corporate and commercial law, natural resource development, workplace and employment law, environmental law, commercial litigation, to securities and technology law, we provide the same sophisticated transactional and business law advice found at large law firms, but delivered in a more personalized, practical and cost-efficient manner.

Collectively, the members of our Business Law group have deep experience in all of the areas of law that are required by our most sophisticated clients. At the same time, we are diverse, progressive and imaginative – meaning that we do not get “boxed-in” by traditional ways of practicing law, and instead find creative solutions to advance the interests of our clients.

Mergers + Acquitisions

Our team is comprised of experienced commercial lawyers who have worked with some of Canada’s largest business law firms – meaning that we provide the same high standard of commercial expertise and advice that is found in large national and international firms, but in a more client-centric, flexible and value-based way.

Our M+A group focuses primarily on mid-market, private company transactional work, and is complemented and supported by specialist lawyers with expertise in areas of law key to transactional work, including regulatory, corporate, real estate, financing, environmental, intellectual property and employment law.  The combination of this core group of M+A lawyers, supported by area experts, allows us to manage and close transactions efficiently, but also provide our clients with thorough, comprehensive advice.

Indigenous Law Group

From the very beginning days of the firm in 2010, our relationships with Indigenous clients have kept us inspired, motivated and engaged.  Since then, we have been fortunate to share ideas, growth and accomplishments with our inspiring Indigenous clients. Our work in this area covers a broad range of services, including government to government negotiations, impact benefit agreement negotiations, involvement in regulatory processes, corporate structuring, and advising on commercial transactions.

Today, the Indigenous Law group is a driving force behind MT+Co.  Unlike some other firms, where the Aboriginal law department is a minor player within the larger firm, our Indigenous Law group has a strong voice in firm management and decisions.  This means that we are able to structure our service offering in a way that aligns with the values of our Indigenous clients.  It also means that we are able implement important initiatives like our own MT+Co. Reconciliation Policy (yes, we have one of those).

Collectively, the members of our Indigenous law group have deep experience in all of the areas of law that are required by our most forward-thinking and sophisticated clients – meaning that we bring past learning and insight to bear on almost all challenges.  At the same time, we are diverse, progressive and imaginative – meaning that we do not get “boxed-in” by the law, and instead find creative solutions that continually advance the interests of our Indigenous clients.

The legal, political and cultural landscape has changed dramatically since milestone legal moments like Calder, Delgamuukw, Haida and even Tsilhqot’in – and it continues to change more rapidly than ever.  For the better part of the last decade, our team has helped push boundaries, redefine relationships, reform policy and build prosperity.  We are ready and excited for what the next decade brings, are believe we are positioned to be the next generation of Indigenous law.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking talented students who don’t fit the traditional law student mold.  Diverse personalities help keep our lives exciting and entertaining.  All candidates are expected to have excellent academic credentials and exceptional people skills.  We look for people who are comfortable in a group setting, are not afraid to speak up and be heard, and who thrive on collaboration (as opposed to competition).  This doesn’t mean we are only seeking extroverts; many of us are introverts who just happen to like each others’ company.

We also look for students who have a strong work ethic.  We like to enjoy ourselves around the office, and are a lot more informal than many other firms, but we firmly believe that giving our clients the best value often means busting our asses to get them the best advice and service when they need it.  In other words, while we are a culture of fun, we are also a culture of performance.

Beyond these basics, we will consider candidates based on how they demonstrate commitment to the things that we value the most:

Culture – it is a virtuous circle. Happy, engaged and interesting people deliver better value and service to our clients; who in turn give us great work we believe in; which helps keep us happy, engaged and interesting.

People – we like each other. We leave our egos at the door.  We are respectful, collaborative, energetic, fun and open-minded.  We don’t accept a–holes.

Curiosity – what we are doing has been done before, but not like this. The future is ours to write if we are willing to execute ambitious visions – but first we need to learn and let that learning shape our visions.

Innovation – we get excited about growth, take intelligent risks, make decisions quickly and learn from our mistakes.  Our motto is “f*ck the status quo” because we know the status quo is often broken.

Execution – take it and run with it.  Excuses are like law degrees – all lawyers have them but they won’t get you any respect here. Getting stuff done will.

Above all else, we look for passion.  We actively seek clients that share our values so that we can be proud of what our clients are trying to accomplish.  We want passionate advocates – people who believe in their clients and are proud of what they do for a career.

If you have the table stakes, and if you get excited about our vision, we want to talk to you. To apply please send your application by email as one single PDF file to Lou Poskitt at