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Why We Matter

Our Mergers, Acquisitions + Financing law practice group provides expertise in structuring, negotiating, documenting and completing transactions for both public and private enterprises.

We also assist clients in raising capital through diversified financing techniques. We act for both borrowers and lenders with respect to secured and unsecured credit facilities and project finance transactions.

We enjoy the complicated and challenging area of Mergers, Acquisitions + Financing law because we love helping clients expand or sell the business that they’ve spent a lifetime building. We thrive on working closely with a client and then celebrating their success when the deal completes.

How We Differ From Other Law Firms

Our group of deal makers has been involved in countless transactions – large, small and everything in between. Because we have travelled this path so often, we are able to anticipate the challenges and prepare for the unexpected.

We know law – and your business

We offer comprehensive industry expertise in the mining, forestry, clean energy, infrastructure, finance, technology, education, manufacturing and retail sectors. This industry expertise compliments our legal expertise in the areas of law key to transactional work, including regulatory, competition, corporate, real estate, financing, environmental, intellectual property and employment law – meaning that we know how to make the law work in the interest of your business.

We create solutions not problems

We strive to be the voice of reason at the negotiating table. We are tough on issues that matter, but we won’t waste your time and money on issues that don’t. And at all times we remain civil – because when lawyers lose their cool, they rarely advance the negotiation process.

We understand that the deal isn’t about us; it’s always about you and your transaction. Our lawyers keep calm, work hard, don’t get in the way of the transaction, and are relentless in getting the deal across the finish line.

We provide straightforward advice

Our promise to you is to always provide straightforward advice and recommendations to assist you in making good decisions. We don’t beat around the bush or raise irrelevant issues. Instead, we focus on the big picture and are committed to providing advice that helps you move forward. We work hard to make sure you understand the process from start to finish, and are warned about hurdles that may appear along the road to completion.

We cooperate with others

We understand the importance of working well with the other party and its advisors because, in reality, everyone should be working towards the same goal: completing the transaction. Of course there are times to take a firm stand, but the more we can work with the other party to come up with creative and innovative solutions, the greater the chance that the transaction will come to a successful conclusion.

We get the deal done

Deals are complicated: they involve many players, require a myriad of documents and necessitate the resolution of seemingly endless issues. We bring order, efficiency and a logical process to this apparent chaos. We are deal makers.

Most importantly, you can rely on us to get your deal closed while protecting your interests. We are completely focused on this goal.

The bottom line

Our Mergers, Acquisitions + Financing law group has experience and industry knowledge you can rely on. We work together with all parties to create solutions, not obstacles. We are efficient and focused on providing value to you. And we are relentless in ensuring that your transaction completes – on the best possible terms for you.

In the heat of the deal, you can trust Miller Titerle + Company.

To discuss what we can help your business achieve, please contact David Allardice for mergers and acquisitions or Peter Eirikson for financing.