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Our Experience

From contract negotiations, commercial leasing and workplace issues, to corporate restructuring, borrowing and equity financing, our business lawyers advise on day-to-day legal challenges as well as plans for the future.

You’ll find the same sophisticated transactional advice found a large law firms, delivered in a more personalized manner and with value guaranteed.

Corporate Structuring

Choosing and implementing the appropriate structure is the foundation of any business – but it’s not necessarily a decision that should be made at the startup phase and then forgotten. As businesses evolve, so to do the considerations that influence their structure.

Our lawyers understand the governance, taxation and liability issues that can affect the choice of business vehicle at all stages of a business’ life cycle. We also have deep experience with the relationship issues relevant to corporate structuring, such as the need to ensure that appropriate protections are in place in the event that there is a disagreement between business partners, or if one partner wishes to exit the business.

Formation of Structure to Invest in Hydro-Electric Project

We chaired a series of community information meetings, conducted a tax and liability analysis, and provided governance recommendations to our client regarding the corporate structure for the acquisition of a 50% interest in a 49.9MW hydroelectric project. Once the community approved our recommendations, we formed the various organizations comprising the economic development group, created financial and governance policies, and provided guidance on corporate best practices.

Formation of Energy Group for First Nation

MT+Co. worked with an existing economic development group of a First Nation to develop recommendations regarding the most efficient corporate structure to house a series of investments in clean energy projects in the Nation’s traditional territory. Upon approval, we formed a series of limited partnerships as investment vehicles and now provide ongoing support to the group.

Formation of a Limited Partnership for a Media Business

We worked with an existing media business to create a limited partnership structure that allowed them to secure outside investment. This process included important tax consideration, including a rollover of assets pursuant to section 85 of the Income Tax Act. We also assisted in subsequent financing transactions.

Formation of Corporate Group for First Nations Entrepreneur

Our law firm worked with a First Nations entrepreneur to structure a series of corporations in a number of businesses. Some of the corporations had different non-First Nation partners, and some of the corporations operated off-reserve, meaning that detailed tax analysis and planning was a key consideration in the structuring exercise.

Formation of Joint Ventures to Service Infrastructure Build

We assisted our client, the economic arm of a treaty First Nation, to structure a number of joint ventures with experienced industry partners. These ventures were established in anticipation of a large infrastructure project, and ranged in services from engineering, to heavy hauling, to camp services, to EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services.

Forestry Limited Partnership

We assisted our client in the negotiation of a partnership with a timber engineering and marketing company. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, the company provides engineering support and markets for logs from the client’s forestry tenures, representing over 100,000 m3 of annual allowable cut.

Camp Services Joint Venture

We assisted our client in the negotiation of a term sheet setting out the key deal points regarding a joint venture to provide camp services to large infrastructure projects in the client’s territory.

Heavy Hauling Joint Venture

We assisted our client in the negotiation of a term sheet setting out the key deal points regarding a joint venture to provide heavy hauling services to large infrastructure projects in the client’s territory.

Engineering Services Joint Venture

We assisted our client in the negotiation of a term sheet setting out the key deal points regarding a joint venture to provide certain environmental services to large infrastructure projects in the client’s territory.

Project Site Security Limited Partnership

We assisted in the negotiation of limited partnerships for the provision of project site safety and security services to proponents operating within a First Nations traditional territory.

Contracts + Operational Business Needs

We firmly believe that our success is based on our clients’ success. We invest our own time developing an understanding of each client’s history, key agreements, organization, business approach and philosophy, because we believe this allows us to provide greater value and be a better resource.

Our business lawyers help many of our established clients with a suite of legal services aimed at their operational needs, from contract review, drafting and negotiation, through to governance advice and dispute resolution support. If needed, we can provide employment law and legal opinions relating to the regulatory context in which our clients’ operate.

General Counsel to Pulp and Paper Group

MT+Co. acts as general commercial counsel to a Canada-wide group of pulp and paper operations. We provide advice to their in-house legal team on a wide range of issues from contract negotiation and implementation to regulatory compliance to general business law issues.

General Counsel to Post-Secondary Education Group

We act as general counsel to Canada’s largest private post-secondary education group. Our lawyers work side by side with the senior management and in house counsel providing regulatory, corporate and general commercial legal advice on matters in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

General Counsel to Economic Development Group

We have acted as general counsel for the economic development arm of a modern treaty First Nation in Northwest British Columbia. We provided a range of advice for all of the client’s business law needs, from corporate governance to negotiation of contracts to managing tender processes.

General Business Law Advice to Economic Development Group

We assist the economic development arm of a First Nation on the South coast of British Columbia with all of their business law needs, from employment law advice, to contracts with third parties, to joint ventures in the aquaculture industry.

Chip and Residual Fibre Supply Agreements

We represented a pulp mill operator in the negotiation of a Chip Supply Agreement and a Residual Fibre Supply Agreement with the operator of a local sawmill.

Chip Supply Agreement

We represented a pulp mill operator in the negotiation of a Chip Supply Agreement with the operator of a sawmill. We also represented our client in the negotiation of a trucking agreement with a different party to provide for the transportation of chips from the sawmill to the pulpmill.

Contract Implementation Advice for Forestry Company

We have assisted our client, a large forest company, manage all of its fibre supply commitments pursuant to pre-existing long term contracts. This has included the renegotiation of certain obligations, assistance with dispute resolution, and general advice regarding compliance.

We have worked with a number of our clients on log purchase and marketing transactions. While each of these agreements is unique, and range from basic purchase agreements to more complicated transactions including provision of services, regulatory and engineering work, and financing of operations. A key component of these transactions, especially where operational costs (such as harvesting, road building, and engineering) are advanced by the purchaser, is securing the seller’s obligations by way of security agreements.

Mergers + Acquisitions

We have a focused mergers and acquisitions practice that assists clients in either maximizing value on the sale of their existing business, or in growing their business by acquiring other enterprises.

While we have been involved in some of the larger business acquisitions in British Columbia, we have extensive transactional experience at all market levels and across industries. This deep M&A experience allows us to deliver practical advice, tailored to the needs of each client and the realities of each deal. Review more specific M&A experience here.

Commercial Real Estate

It’s not just about “Parties, Property and Price”. Every commercial real estate transaction is unique and our team focuses on ensuring what matters most to you is reflected and respected in each transaction, no matter if you are seeking to own, sell, develop, finance or lease real estate.

Our lawyers have extensive experience providing legal services to private companies, societies and First Nations with regard to the acquisition, financing, development/construction, leasing and sale of real property across Canada.

Mortgage Financing for Acquisition of Urban Property by First Nation

We assisted our First Nations client in the acquisition of an urban, non-reserve property. The property, now a multi-use community building and band office, was secured by way of a traditional mortgage.

Land Tenures for Industrial Project

We helped our First Nations client follow the designation process to allow a long-term lease over a parcel of reserve land required for a profitable on-reserve industrial development. In addition to the designation process, we negotiated the terms of the headlease with the federal government, and the terms of the sublease with the project developer. Working with AANDC and the developer, we secured the issuance of section 28(2) permits for key infrastructure such as roads and utilities.

Certificates of Possession

We assisted our client in a due diligence exercise of identifying gaps in the Indian Lands Registry (ILR) system maintained by the federal government. Where the ILR system did not align with our clients records, we made recommendations as to how to rectify the ILR system’s records.

Negotiation of Transmission and Telecommunications Right of Way

We assisted our client in its negotiations with two public utilities relating to a right of way interest over aboriginal reserve land for electricity transmission and telecommunications purposes.

Purchase of Office Space

We assisted our client, a local business, in their purchase of downtown Vancouver office space.

Commercial Leasing

Our client was a commercial tenant that needed to expand in a hurry. We were engaged with the mandate to negotiate and finalize the leasing of 20,000 square feet of commercial office space. Working closely with all stakeholders including brokers, legal counsel and senior management located in Vancouver and Mexico we finalized this transaction on time and on budget.

Public Company Governance + Continuous Disclosure

We assist public company clients regarding corporate governance and continuous disclosure obligations, including executive compensation disclosure.

Public Company Governance and Continuous Disclosure

We assisted a large public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange in relation to its annual general meeting information circular, including updating director and executive compensation disclosure to, among other things, reflect the adoption and implementation of new director and executive long term and equity- based incentive plans, and compliance with prescribed disclosure requirements.

Executive Compensation + Employee Incentive Plans

We assist public and private clients designing and implementing employee share purchase arrangements and equity based incentive plans, including deferred share units plans, restricted share units plans, performance share unit plans, and other custom designed ‘phantom’ plans pursuant to which directors, officers and other employees receive compensation in the form of rights that are based on the value of shares of the company.

Workplace + Employment Law

We practice in all areas of workplace law, offering strategic advice to prevent and resolve conflicts. We oversee and advise on the career lifecycle from recruiting and hiring, to retention and termination.

Our lawyers offer guidance in areas such as workplace policies, disability, privacy and human rights. We also have extensive experience with unionized workplaces enabling us to counsel on collective bargaining and union certification.

To learn more, please contact our Labour + Employment law leader, Ryley Mennie.

Speak with us about our team’s work experience relevant to your needs. Contact Rob Miller.